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 Our original Espresso roast, Blackbird, which is a traditional dark roasted blend of coffees from three countries,  has been augmented by the arrival of SIENNA.
Sienna is a "post roast blend" of coffees from  many countries, each roasted to their individual perfection AND then blended to create -
                 THE PERFECT CREMA.

Here at Creekmore's we founded our business on a commitment to roasting only CERTIFIED ORGANIC COFFEES.  We began by sourcing quality organic beans from farmer's co-ops, SHADE GROWN whenever possible.  We quickly added SWISS WATER PROCESS decafs to the line up.

Great care and attention go into small batch roasting high quality beans which are then packaged immediately to insure flavor and freshness.

Creekmore's coffee selection offers a wide array of light to very dark roasts and includes:

Varietals - distinctive individual coffees from single country of origin

Proprietor Blends - a marriage of coffees from 2 or more countries - or light & dark roasted beans combined

Swiss Water Decafs

Light & Dark Espresso blends