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Proprietor's Blends

A marriage of coffees from two or more countries


Fully Caramelized - Think Dark Chocolate - Nuts - Berries - A Lingering Sweet Buzz


Dark Roast - A Best Seller

French Indonesian

VERY Dark - Rich And Smoky - A Superb Big Bold French Roast


Our Darkest Roast

Cuppa Joe

Lively & Well Balanced - A Blend Of Spice & Fruit


Medium Roast

Qualicum Sunrise

Smooth, bright, and flavourful with a punch of caffeine and acidity. The perfect morning coffee.

Our Lightest Roast

Toucan Dance

Have It Both Ways - Spicy - Vibrant - Fun


A Post-Roast Blend of Light And Dark Beans


Distinctive coffees from single countries of origin


Sweet - Mild-Mannered - A Little Nutty


Medium Roast


Complex - Delicate - Perfectly Balanced - Hints Of Vanilla And Fruit


Dark Roast


On the Darker Side of Medium - An Earthy

and Uniquely Floral Flavour

Medium Roast


Rich - Full-Bodied - Wine-like Fruit And Spice Notes

 Divine With Desserts


Dark Roast

Espresso Blends

Wonderful brewed, but designed for espresso

Sienna Espresso

In The Classic Northern Italian Style

Our Lighter Espresso


Medium Roast - A Best Seller

Blackbird Espresso

Slightly Smoky - Hints Of Vanilla And Blackberries

Our Darker Espresso


Dark Roast

Decaffeinated Coffees 

Using the Swiss Water Process

Komodo Decaf

Spicy Indonesian Beans

All The Flavour Without The Caffeine


Dark Roast - A Best Seller

Mexican Decaf

Mild - Sweet - Nutty

A Lighter Decaf


Medium Roast

French Decaf

Intensely Dark And Smoky


Very Dark Roast

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