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Creekmore's Coffee Roasting Inc. is a hands-on, family run business, in operation since 2000.

Our small batch, certified organic wholesale roastery facility is located in Coombs, BC, with a coffee shop & espresso bar next door.

At Creekmore's Coffee we are dedicated to offering the finest quality certified organic coffees. We recognize the need for and base our business practices on supporting equity and fair wages in the coffee industry, and protection of the environment affected by coffee production.

Your glowing feedback has kept us working through long hours.


We thank you! 


Elaine, David, and Michael Creekmore

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Our Coffee Beans

Quality coffees from around the world

To produce a variety of delicious blends Creekmore's Coffee is constantly sourcing and sampling crops from around the world.

While maintaining consistent flavour profiles in our popular blends, we also enjoy sampling and providing new exotic flavors as we discover them.

Through our green bean purchasing policy, we strive to support a healthy sustainable environment for coffee growers and workers.

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